Impact Advisory is a strategic consultancy providing knowledge, skills and tools to operate and grow responsibly as individuals, teams and companies.


Our purpose is to bring about sustainable prosperity for the whole of society through more informed and meaningful choices in business and life. We believe that a future-fit society will be dominated by impact companies – companies that utilize the planet’s resources sustainably and help communities flourish.


Our simple, accessible and actionable tools and solutions cultivate the entire journey of becoming an impact company and beyond – from the first step of gaining awareness towards transformational practices and self-mastery. We navigate our clients towards greater impact through workshops, programs, strategy formulation and implementation. In serving our purpose, we are also continuously expanding our range of free and low-cost products to guide more individuals and companies towards higher impact.


We have already assisted thousands of individuals and companies in the region and many more in the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurs Institute.


Impact Advisory is part of Impact Next – a global growth gateway for impact companies worldwide. Everything we do is aimed at helping businesses that care about a future-fit society to expand their impact.



We support Sustainable Development Goals.